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TETIDE HOME   is a particular apartment located in one of the most prestigious areas in the center of Palermo. A few minutes on foot to reach the Politeama Theater, the Massimo Theater, historic buildings, museums, cinemas, restaurants, pubs.

We have shaped the common environment and the rooms according to those needs that allow everyone to feel at ease, to relax and recharge. This is because our rooms are equipped with every comfort, from air conditioning to minibar, from en-suite bathroom to tea service in style with kettle or the bowls for your pet

Our goal is to ensure a welcoming stay that meets your needs.

... why Tetide?

Teti or Tetide in Greek mythology, daughter of Gaea and Uranus and wife of Oceano, is the great goddess of the sea.

From the name of the Goddess of the sea derives the Tethys ocean in geology, which was a large ocean basin born about 250 million years ago and which separated North Africa from Europe and Asia.

Between 20 and 12 million years ago the Tethys ocean closed in the central Mediterranean region: thus the Alps were born! Towards the east India and Asia collide and the Himalayan mountain range is born.


It doesn't matter where you come from ...

We will make you feel at home.

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